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Flat Shoes Are Bad For Your Feet

One aspect of weather in the UK is that it is constantly changing—weather varies from day to day and season to season. This has a consequence on our wardrobe because we have to change footwear too, going from boots and trainers to open-toed sandals and light flats. Unfortunately, one common side effect among flat shoes like flip-flops is increased heel pain, which is really common among those who switch to less supportive shoes.

Why not wear flat sandals?

One of the more popular summer choices for footwear is the simple flip-flop. Flip-flops are great because they're lightweight, and minimal, so our feet can breathe, and air can circulate around our toes. Unfortunately, there are some major design issues with flip-flops. It's a very wayward shoe that tends not to want to go in the direction we want it to, which means we end up shuffling. This has negative consequences for our feet, back and hips. Not to mention the flip-flop is flat and offers little support or shock absorption. Perhaps the solution is to go barefoot as much as possible? That's awesome for a short while, but we can still feel uncomfortable on hard surfaces like concrete, tiles, wood, and paths.

What is the solution?

So, if the thought of wearing sandals with a heel isn't appealing, and the idea of going barefoot isn't ideal either, what are your options? We suggest that you look for a comfortable and breathable pair of trainers; alternatively, you should explore different styles of sandal, that are better for your feet. Look for types with arch support and a slight heel, so the sole is thicker under your heel than elsewhere.

Heel straps are a good idea because they offer extra support to your heel and also keep the shoe firmly on your foot. Keep flip-flops as a casual option for home use or something to slip into occasionally.

Bear in mind your activities

When considering the perfect pair of summer shoes, it will help to consider what you'll be doing while wearing them. City walks require a well-cushioned sole and ankle support; country walks across un even ground, require closed-toe sandals with good cushioning and a strong heel support.

By following the above advice, you will keep heel pain to a minimum while enjoying the warm weather this summer. If you do find yourself suffering from any kind of foot pain or discomfort, be sure to see a podiatrist, and they'll help you get back to your pain-free summer activities.

*This blog contains general information about medical conditions and is not advice. You must not rely upon the information in this blog as medical advice. Medical advice should always be sought from an appropriately qualified podiatrist such as ourselves.

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