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How Reflexology Helps Stress

Here at Hall Bank Clinic one of the most common questions we are asked is “can reflexology help with my stress?”

The most popular reason, by miles, for having Reflexology treatments is “stress.”

So, does it help? And how can touching someone’s feet, hands or face reduce the effects of stress on our bodies?

Let’s begin with a little bit about reflexology. We base reflexology on a similar theory to acupressure where there are meridians which run the entire length of the body allowing energy to flow freely. With reflexology, we have a map of reflexes (areas) on the feet which correspond to all the different parts/areas of our bodies. In essence, we have an entire body mapped out onto the feet/hands/face. By applying gentle pressure to these reflexes, we believe we can either calm or stimulate any areas which may be out of balance.

We all know that our physical health can affect our mental/emotional health, for example, how we can feel emotional when we are in pain, but did you realise that our mental/emotional wellbeing can also affect our physical health. Sometimes that’s a little harder to get our heads around, but take stress, for example, stress can physically affect our bodies and affect other aspects of our mental health. Physically it can higher our blood pressure, give us headaches, increase heart rate, affect our blood sugar levels, cause muscles to tense and can affect our sleep patterns to name just a few. Emotionally it can cause depression and anxiety if the stress levels we encounter are long term.

Reflexology allows you to switch off and enter a state of deep relaxation. Deep relaxation can reduce stress and improve your sense of well-being. This in turn can aid in more restful sleep, and improved mood and amazingly, this deep state of relaxation can also aid in the reduction of any ‘physical’ symptoms too!

I would personally never tell anyone that reflexology could definitely help with any issues but I would always say that “If you don’t try you’ll never know,” and so far I’ve never had anyone who wishes they hadn’t.

Don’t Suffer With Stress, Make Your Mental Wellbeing A Priority.

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