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What Is A Foot Health Practitioner?

A Foot Health Practitioner, or FHP as they are known, is someone who can recognise, assess, treat and give advice on general foot conditions commonly found.

An FHP can treat such complaints as corns, callus, dry skin, and a variety of nail conditions, including thick and unmanageable nails and fungal complaints such as tinea pedis (athletes foot) and fungal nail. They can also treat diabetic patients to whom foot care is paramount.

A lot of an FHPs work is in a domicile setting (home visits) and care homes but also working in a supportive role in clinics under the guidance of Podiatrists.

Sian, our FHP at Hall Bank Clinic, undertook her training at The College of Foot Health, which is a branch of the Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. The course consisted of theory units, including anatomy and physiology (whole body and lower limb), dermatology, pathology, and pharmaceuticals.

The FHP roll was developed due to an ever-increasing and ageing population. Opening foot health to a wider market. It is essential that FHP forge relationships with Podiatrists to ensure appropriate care is given to patients whose needs go beyond the scope of an FHP. This would include diagnostic treatments, nail surgeries, musculoskeletal therapies, orthotics etc.

The FHP roll runs along a similar vein as to a hygienist's roll in a dentist setting. FHPs focus on maintaining peak foot health with routine treatments, keeping our patients happy and pain-free.

Continuing Professional Development is an ongoing to the role of an FHP. Sian is very much looking forward to learning new techniques of nail reconstruction, nail bracing (to treat involuted and ingrown nails) and methods of treating fungal nails.

Sian has a passion for relieving pain and educating people on how to look after their feet between visits. Having a patient leave a treatment pain and discomfort free, with beautiful feet they are confident to be seen in really is the aim of the game.

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