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Podiatry Treatments

Our friendly, expert Podiatrists and Foot Health Practitioner treat almost every type of foot problem with care and expertise. We will always do our utmost to leave your feet healthy and happy - and to help you keep them that way.

Podiatry Treatment

Core Foot Care - Podiatrist or Foot Health Practitioner

Thick nails 
Long nails 
Dry skin
Cracked Heels 
Yellow nails 
Bruised nails 
Athletes Foot

Biomechanical Foot Pain Consultation

Foot Pain Consultation - Podiatry 


Suffering with foot and ankle pain can influence many days to day activities. The Hall Bank Clinic Biomechanics Assessment/Foot Pain Consultation will help you identify why you are in pain and identify a bespoke management plan.

Drug and Syringe

Hydrocortisone Injection Therapy (HCI)

These injections help relieve pain, swelling, and make movement easier. The benefits can last for several months. HCI therapy is usually combined with other treatment to prevent reoccurrence of the problem.

Please book initial assessment appointment if wishing to undergo  HCI therapy, 

Foot Massage

Warm Wax Therapy 

  Luxury treatment of warm wax therapy. Using Paraffin wax it is extremely relaxing and can benefit conditions such as arthritis, sports injuries, sore muscles, stiff joints, poor circulation and chilblains plus much more.


Laser Therapy- Initial assessment required 

Laser therapy promotes healing and helps speed the recovery process to inflamed or damaged tissues. Laser has the following effect:

* Inhibits the sensory nerve impulses associated with pain
* Decreases inflammatory cells
* Relaxes muscle spasm immediately
* Increases vascular supply and restores normal blood flow
* Provides energy for the cells within the tissue allowing them to repair.


Orthotics Design/ Production

Orthotics can be a requirement to help resolve and prevent reoccurrence of many foot ailments. If and when you require orthotics, our clinicians will direct you to the most appropriate level of design. We supply of the shelf, semi bespoke and bespoke.

plantar wart.jpg

Verruca Treatment 

The clinician will confirm if you have a verruca, and discuss treatment options. The verruca's overlying hard skin will be removed, making it more comfortable for you while you decide what treatment option you would like.

Treatment options range from topical solutions that you can continue with at home to more advanced procedures under local anaesthetic carried out by our fully trained Podiatrists for optimal results.


Ingrowing Toenails & Nail Surgery 

For painful in-growing toe nails or deformed problematic nails. This procedure requires an initial assessment prior to being undertaken.

Nail surgery is a procedure performed under a local anaesthetic. We offer nail surgery as a package of care, consisting of 3 appointments, excluding initial assessment 

before and after nail reconstruction.jpg

Nail Reconstruction

A specialised treatment for nails that have been damaged, thickened, fungal or even missing completely. Carried out by our Foot Health Practitioner. The reconstructed nail will look and feel like a natural nail. 

Please note, a routine podiatry treatment is required before the nail reconstruction can be applied. Price depends upon the amount of toenails requiring reconstruction.

sally with doppler.png

Diabetic Foot Assessment 

Our clinician will ask you questions about your general health, Diabetic control and foot care routine. They will visually examine your foot and lower limb to assess skin vitality and look for any concerns or possible problematic areas. Several diagnostic tests will be carried out to assess circulation and sensation in the feet. Footwear will be discussed and advice on how to prevent diabetic foot complications. As per NICE guidelines you will be give a foot risk classification and this result will be sent to your practice nurse via letter.

This assessment can be solo or added to other treatments, it requires extra time and is an additional fee if added.

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